At Play in the studio.

Clay play.Gabi Bolton
New work for me now starts with creating an original object to draw.Instead of relying on existing objects or images as a starting point for new design,I have decided to physically make the objects that will form the basis for new work from clay.I am getting my hands dirty and forming creatures without a real idea of how they will look in the end.what I have discovered is that what they look like has to a large extent to do with the material I am using to create them.In this case it is earthenware clay.My clay horse has only 3 legs and the same goes for the rabbit.These objects once complete are then photographed and drawn and are the starting poing for a whole new approach to originating a print.As objects they may be viewed in many angles are truly original and so offer multiple aspects as opposed to some flat image or other inspiration it will also act as a canvas for pattern.Looking forward to the unpredictable outcome!