A little fragment of new Wallpaper print.






This new design pattern  has taken a very long time to create ! Paper Vine has like myself an unconventional approach.The repeat is large at just over 3 metres wide and 2.45 high.The serpentine vine loops horizontally along the wall trailing large patterned leaves made up of a tiny motif. With a light touch the pattern has a light decorative  imprint on the  interior.It has a delicate  rythme,which does not intrude.

 Part of me understands the need for standardisation,but a design that is surely limited by the width of a standard repeat, though efficient reduces the possibilities for expression .Manufacturers, retailers and decorators all understand the format and rarely think to push the boundaries.As it is easier for the customer to navigate,they know their place.So  the designer falls into line to maintain the status quo.When in fact with digital printing technologies,creatives should be liberated and allow their designs to roam freely to repeat as and where they choose.